To the expectant parent who somehow found our page and story…thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about our family, and our adoption journey. The gift of a child is so great, and we can only imagine the magnitude of the decision that has lead you down the path of adoption. We cannot begin to understand the situation you are in, or the emotions you have felt. Just know that with all the heartache you are going through, it is our hope to be there for you not only as adoptive parents, but as a support system.

As you view our site, know that every bit of it is prepared for you and the baby you are carrying. Know that in every way, we offer grace and respect to you and your decision. We hope that in seeing our photos and reading about our lives, you’ll get a glimpse of the unconditional love we will provide for a child. We hope as you learn more about us, you’ll find a connection with something, or many things, that will open your heart to us. We hope that you’ll become as eager to meet us as we are to meet you.

With love~Justin & Elise