We are Justin and Elise, and we are overjoyed at the thought of growing our family through the gift of adoption a second time!

Here’s a little bit about us: we are each other’s best friend and are coming up on our ten-year wedding anniversary. We have lived in the same community, which we love, for our entire life together, and find that it’s one of the best places to raise a child. We both derive our livelihoods from agriculture, and are proud of the rural lifestyle we’ve been blessed to cultivate for our family.

In 2015 we adopted our first child, Cora, and we are thankful every day that God brought us together. Parenthood has shown to be the most incredible and joyful experience either of us has known. In growing our family, it is our desire that our children get to experience the incredible lifelong bond of having a brother or sister.

Our home life is very important to us, and we like to spend our time as a family engaged with each other. Often we can be found on the farm helping Justin feed cattle, or during harvest, having meals together out in the field. Sunday is a special day and we enjoy a routine of going to church and running errands, followed by lazy afternoons and evenings with family and friends. Cora is a spunky, imaginative kid, and when we can’t be outside playing, our time in the house is often invested in craft projects, reading books, and watching television as a family.

Through our website, we are hoping to show to an expectant mother a glimpse of our lives and the loving environment we will provide for a child.  Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime – we’d love to chat!