Meet Our Family


Justin is, by nature, a caretaker; he respects the land and animals he works with every day, he views himself as a protector of his family, and he will drop everything to help a friend.  I was a very independent person before I met Justin, and to a certain degree, still am, so it may be surprising to some that one of the biggest things I fell in love with Justin for is his priority for taking care of me and our family.  He shows me this every day by working sometimes long hours and saving everything he can so we are not financially stressed; making sure my car has what it needs and can safely get me where I am going; and at home, by splitting up the household tasks so we can get them done quicker and spend more time enjoying each other’s company.  

I often joke that Justin’s hobby is work, but in all honesty, Justin loves his job as a farmer and rancher.  He is also a great handyman – I’m often amazed at all the talents he has for fixing things and know how things work.  Even with that, he is a humble person and credits his successes to God’s blessing.  I love Justin’s positive outlook on the future; it helps me to better see the bright side of things.  

To see Justin with kids cannot help but make a person smile – he is basically a kid himself!  With our daughter, Justin jokes around and is silly with her, but he is also consistent in disciplining her, shows her how to be hard-working, and teaches her love and respect.  He has proven to be amazingly patient and loving with Cora, and I know he will do the same with our future child. 


What can I say, she’s my best friend and I’m lucky enough to have her as my wife.  Elise definitely complements my personality very well.  I’m a very reserved person but Elise is the polar opposite.  She can hold a conversation with anyone and people seem to gravitate toward her because of her welcoming presence.  Elise is very outgoing and motivated and has a very nurturing personality. While she is dedicated to her full-time job serving the agriculture industry, she also finds time to serve others by teaching Sunday School and helping out in the community with fundraisers and different projects.  She really enjoys time with family and friends and is a great mom to our daughter Cora. 

Kids love to be around Elise.  I know God has wired her to be a mother, maybe not by natural means, but I believe He put adoption on her heart early in her life for this very purpose.  I can’t imagine how I would pursue adoption without Elise; she’s a very strong-willed person who has taken this process head on and without her I would be lost.  I thank the Lord for blessing me so greatly with such a sweet woman. 


Since Cora was a baby, people have commented on what a bright, beautiful smile she has.  She lights up any room, and has always been very social with others.  As her parents, we love to see the way she spreads joy, and though her rambunctious personality keeps us on our toes at all times, we wouldn’t have it any other way. In the same manner that we enjoy each new age and stage she reaches, our love for Cora seems to expand and grow every day.   

Cora attends preschool every day and loves to learn there and be with her friends.  At home, when she can’t be outside, a lot of her time is spent showing off her dance moves, coloring and using stickers, and watching favorite television shows and movies.  One of her favorite things to play at school and at home is “family” and to care for her dolls – she is always showing concern for others and we know one day she is going to be a wonderful big sister.